Card and Dice Games in Asia

Card and dice games are increasingly ingrained in Indian society. In addition to Teen Patti, Pachisi, and Rummy, Indians like playing Asian card and dice games. Here are some popular Asian card and dice games among Indians.


Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a popular live casino game in Asia and India. Although this game is similar to online Baccarat, it is more straightforward. Dragon and Tiger are the two cards used to play live Dragon Tiger. Numerous Indians enjoy playing the dragon tiger real cash game, in which they wager their own money on four recurring wagers. They need only wager on the card they believe to be the highest.


Additionally, players can wager on whether the outcome will be a draw. The card game is played with six decks containing no joker cards.


Pai Gow

Pai Gow is a Chinese domino game whose outcomes are determined by a 32-tile domino deck. After shuffling the tiles on the table and stacking them into eight heaps of four dominoes each, the woodpile is created. After the stack has been arranged, participants may place their wagers. Typically, a player competes against seven opponents plus the dealer.


After putting in their wagers, each player, including the dealer, receives a stack of piles from which they form two hands, each of which has two tiles. The maximum scoring in this game is nine points per hand. There may be exclusions based on numerous complex rules.


Pok Deng

Pok Deng is a popular Thai social gambling game that blends blackjack and Baccarat. During Pok Deng, one player should assume the position of the banker. Like blackjack, three to nine other players can participate in the game, each facing off against the dealer. Before each round, players place their wagers, after which the banker hands two cards to each player, including themselves.


Players can keep the cards they’ve been dealt with or draw a new one. Hands have a numerical value between one and nine. If a player’s opening hand equals nine or eight, they must say “pok” to receive quick returns on their wager.


Fan Tan

Fan tan is a popular Chinese board game. In this game, players place two handfuls of little objects on a board and guess the remainder after dividing by four. Once players have placed wagers on values ranging from one to four, the croupier or dealer eliminates four objects from the board until only one, two, three, or four beans remain, determining the winner.


Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a popular game of chance played with three dice in Asia. A dealer tosses three dice into a turned-over cage, and players wager on the outcome. The winning dice are compensated, while the rest of Sic Bo players lose. To be successful on Sic Bo, read this article about Learn The Secrets of Successful Sic Bo Players.

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